As I said on my “About” page everyone’s definition of success is different. I also have no intention of providing a step by step, “how-to” guide, so even if your definition of success is different from mine I hope you will be encouraged to move toward your own goals as I press forward to mine day by day.

Here is my overall definition of success: I want to live a life of integrity and joy. I want to one day have a family of my own, but, as I wait for that, I want to be a blessing to the one I have. Financially, I want to be debt-free. I want to be able to live a life monetarily where I can freely give to others while taking care of myself and my family. Professionally, I want to work for a place that has the mission of working with those who have been marginalized in society to give them the tools to push out and life truly free lives.

For me, it helps to have these goals categorized.

Integrity and Joy:

  1. Memorize “Jesus in Every Book of the Bible”
  2. Romans Study
  3. Read 2 Psalms and 1 Chapter of Proverbs a day
  4. Daily Meditation/memorization


  1. Call at least two family members that I don’t see that often once a week
  2. Be involved in the family gatherings that are here.
  3. Get everyone’s birthdays, and send cards
  4. Pray about relationships daily


  1. Work hard at my current full-time job
  2. Pay down debt, don’t use credit cards.
  3. Develop the skills necessary to be successful at working for the health care business I work with
  4. Create Overview video for health company, create business-end video, create grabber video
  5. Re-work Budget, stick to it!


  1. Apply for two new jobs a week
  2. Learn about “Cold Networking”
  3. Post on professional sites at least 2 times a week
  4. Driving lessons; work on finding ways to afford a car and the car insurance