October 1, 2016 I had a friend and “woman of power” reach out to me via Facebook. Her name is Joyce Bender is the President of Bender Consulting Services in Pittsburg, PA. She is an amazing woman. If I could have my ideal job, it would be hers. She helps people with disabilities become gainfully employed, she connects people to the services the need and is part of the political scene in a way that makes me envious! I was an intern through a program she was CEO of and on the Board of Directors for back in 2012 called the American Association of People with Disabilities.

She reached out to me through Facebook message and I responded immediately but yesterday I wrote her a more detailed e-mail explaining my current working situation, my goals and an updated resume. I know she is a busy woman so I know it will take some time before I hear back from her.

In the meantime, last night I went to training for my part-time job. I work as an advertising and marketing professional for a U.S. based health company. I absolutely love this side job and can’t wait to get better at my job so that I can help people and make more of an income to start paying down my debt.