I currently live in a suburban area. It’s beautiful, but, I hate it. I don’t drive so getting around can be a pain. For years, I was not allowed to drive because of a medical condition. Not to mention, that the agency that was supposed to help me become independent and meet financial needs kept; “losing” my case or flat out denying me for services for one reason or another.

Well, about a month ago, since I was now more than a year without medical complications, I decided to re-file my case with the vocational rehabilitation office here. At first they were set to deny me again. Then, I laid out the facts for them. I have been offered several jobs here that I had to turn down because I do not have dependable transportation. The jobs that I have been offered have been in my field and offering me 0ver $20,000.00 more a year. After hearing those facts I was granted my request to get adaptive driving lessons and any adaptive equipment that I will need to drive safely. I was told to get my Learner’s Permit and then call my vocational counselor when that was obtained.

At the end of last week, I called my counselor; letting him know I obtained my learner’s permit. From our conversation at that time I could tell he had forgotten about our meeting. He stated listing the impossible stipulations that had led to a denial of services in the past. I tried to jog his memory of our meeting, but he was not having it. He said he would call me Friday of that week or Monday. He didn’t. So I called yesterday. This morning, he got back to me letting me know I was approved for services. (The persistently squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Last night, however, I had a conversation with a mentor I have had since 2012. He reminded me that if a good paying job became available in city with good transportation I needed to go and that I would have to work on getting the license later.  I agree with him, but is it wrong that I am hoping enough time passes between a job offer so that I can finally know the independence that comes with being able to drive?