So, “night time naps” do not work for me. I used to be able to pull them off when I was in school and had deadlines. I tried to have a “night time nap” last night and I didn’t hear any of the three alarms I set. I didn’t wake up until 5:00AM. I was in a little bit of pain last night, but I was so hoping to wake up in an hour after lying down and work on some things. That didn’t happen, however, today at work I finished my third of three major projects I wanted to have completed before the upcoming weekend.

I love where I work. The agency is amazing and does so much for so many different groups of people that need help. The agency’s mission is one of the main reasons that, even though my skills are underutilized, I can come to work with a smile on my face and enjoy what I do have.

That being said I am ALWAYS asking for work to do. I even revitalized the Agency Newsletter. The Agency Newsletter used to be a Microsoft document with a paragraph or two of recent events and upcoming events. The newsletter now a monthly newsletter has an agency highlight of a staff member or a recent big event. It has a new hires page, we hire frequently, as we hire students; this means quick turnover. It also has an agency calendar; letting staff know what is going on in the next month.

The agency has several offices, throughout the county and I often work with our other larger office to complete tasks. This week I completed two major tasks for another department in that office. I did it because a colleague was out and the tasks needed to be done, not to mention, it gave me something to do. I was happy to do it. Ecstatic actually.

This week marks my one-year anniversary here. Honestly, I need a raise. It’s not a matter of “want.” I can’t survive on my salary. So, if I don’t hear about a performance review and/or salary raise by the end of the month I am going to be speaking to my supervisor.  When I was hired I didn’t even think to negotiate my salary. I was at a low point in my life and I was just thankful that someone considered hiring me. Now, however, I know I was low-balled when I was hired. I have never negotiated a salary before in my life and I am admittedly terrified at the idea. A friend of mine bought me career development courses through Ashley Stahl International. Thankfully, “Salary Negotiation” is one of the covered topics. (Which reminds me, I need to get through those courses! Goal: get through the courses before the end of the month so that if/when I have to negotiate my salary this month, I can. Successfully.)

Did I mention that there was a “Title Change” document on my desk when I came back from lunch…I will be doing a position description comparison when I get home. Yes, I kept my original hiring documents.