A few days ago a wrote a post about a job that I turned down in Philadelphia because the pay was too low and because I didn’t want to return to Philadelphia unless the job was a job of a lifetime. Well, I am going to an Alumni weekend at the first college I ever attended. I was looking through their website mainly at the Career Center and the Alumni area, but I decided to explore the website while I was there, why not?

I noticed that they have an Academic Resource Center, which includes a disability services area but the whole thing seems to be run by one person. I do realize that in comparison to the other colleges I have attended their student population is much smaller. They have approximately 1,100 students. Still, if you factor in the nation statistic of 10% of the American population having some disability that means that at any given time that university could have 110 students with disabilities, more or less.

So I wrote the gentleman in charge of Alumni Relations and the professor who used to be in charge of providing me with reasonable academic accommodations. I am trying to see if they have a disabilities coordinator on campus. If they don’t, I am making the argument that they need one and I would make an excellent fit. I have never talked myself up this much. But have you ever felt like all the paths you have taken in life have just led to dead ends? That is how I have felt about a lot of things, but this would be like God building a few bridges to connect all of those paths.

I could be wrong, and that is okay, but right now, my passion is driving me forward. If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t, but I feel like I have to try. So, today I will be fixing my resume to reflect that I am a good candidate for such a position. I will also watch the career labs sessions on Networking. I will make the most of this.

I guess this means that, even though SSA is frustratingly annoying, I am not giving up!