The last few days have been physically and emotionally difficult. Most days, I felt like a train wreck. I was fighting with my various insurances to cover my medications, but in the meantime; I was cutting doses in half to make the medications last. This caused my body to hurt so much; I also began to feel some light symptoms of withdrawal. If I hadn’t cut the pills in half, I would have gone through a complete withdrawal, and I don’t even want to think about what that would’ve felt like. Needless to say, because of the lack of the proper amounts of medications I got very little accomplished. I am, however, being considered for a raise.

You would think that all of that last paragraph and its final sentence would not belong together. Me too. But earlier this week I was talking to a co-worker who was concerned about the way I was walking. I guess I was wobbling more than normal. When I explained to her what was happening with SSA and the difficulty I was having getting my medication (and how SSA was making me feel like I should stop working), she insisted I speak to one of the executive staff at our agency. I did so at her insistence. The woman I spoke to gave me information on legal services that may be able to help me fight the problems with SSA. She also said she was going to talk to the rest of the executive staff about getting me a raise. She couldn’t make any guarantees; I promised her if it happened I would work up to it. She stated that I already have.

How I am being considered for this raise goes against everything I was taught in the professional development courses about salary negotiation. In the course, I was taught that when negotiating a salary your negotiation points should be based on you job contributions, projects completed, extra work taken on, etc. The points should be anything but personal. Oops. I don’t recommend the “personal” course of action, but this time, it may have worked.

I know I just mentioned a salary increase but that is still in the “maybe” stage and living where I am is just not my favorite. So, I applied for three jobs this week. One is with NBC Universal. That was an online application. I have all the minimum and most of the preferred qualifications, but I have no inside connections there, so most likely my resume will fall into the black hole of nothingness on the internet. I also applied to D & B Consulting; that was also an online application, but the company will be at a virtual career fair I am attending in November hosted by Bender Consulting. There is a possibility that one may not quite fall into the hole of nothingness. The third application was for a company where a mentor of mine works in the diversity and inclusion department. The possibility of making it to an interview exists with that one.

I also got a response from Cairn. I pulled the “Owl to Owl” card on the Unversity president (we both are Temple University Alum.)   When I go to the networking night in November I will be speaking to the director of the Student Academic Center and my resume has been given to the HR department there. It would be amazing if any of these things worked out.