Maybe with some work a miracle can happen?

I have been going through some of my posts lately. My grammar and spelling are atrocious. I have never been excellent with either of these tasks. That was the biggest problem with my Master’s thesis, my grammar. I love writing, and I know I can clearly communicate concepts and ideas, but bad grammar can make me look stupid or, worse; like I don’t care. I never bothered to work at this much before, but as I am trying to move forward in my career, I need to fix this. I have had The Big Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation for a while. I am going to commit to working in this book every day for at least a half hour.

One of the reasons I want to work on my grammar is because I found out that Stony Brook University now has a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies. I recently have had a pull (more like clarity on the path I want to take) towards working as a Disability Support Counselor or Coordinator. A position in this field will give me the ability to fill so many of my passions. Recently, I have come across the possibility of working in this capacity in two different colleges. I am hoping one of them comes through. If I get accepted into the Disability Studies program, I can let both colleges know I am working towards this certificate. If, it turns out, that neither school takes me; this certificate could open doors for me in other ways.

Pursuing this certificate feels like a slight course change, but it is filling me with excitement at the same time. I will be contacting the program director on Monday. I’ll keep you all updated.