goldfish jumping out of the water
Can I make the jump?

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the preparations for the upcoming holiday celebrations! Can I tell you, I am filled with so much hope, joy, expectancy and some slight nervousness? Well, I just did!

First, I am excited because for the first time since I had to leave a dangerous, abusive situation in August of 2015 I have the opportunity to be independent again. This same possibility makes me so nervous. I got accepted into an artist-type apartment complex and I will still be near everything I need to be near. The only thing is, the rent alone is half of a month’s salary from my full time job. My hope is that I will make my executive marketing position with Melaleuca work for me. I am working with my mentor now. He heard about an ingenious way to reach people, grab their attention, give them the information they need, keep it personal and follow the rules. I will be working on that over my Christmas break. My other hope is to get a higher-paying full time job; which brings me to my next point…

Over a month ago I handed in a 55 B/C application for the Civil Service. The 55 B/C application helps people with disabilities to obtain gainful employment with the Civil Service. The office in Albany has been in contact with me. Granted, it was because they needed more information to complete the application. They needed proof that either, one; I faced a specific job loss, two; I am underemployed relative to education level or three, I was having difficulty securing long term employment. I went with proving number two. Relative to education (two Master’s Degrees) and Cost of living; I am making less than half of what I should be making. I proved this by sending the my latest pay stub, my graduate transcripts and Department of Labor statistics for income levels in the area where I live and statistics on median national income relative to education. Hopefully, I have put my Communications degree to work and proved my point. It would be good to work for the Civil Service because then, I will still remain on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program and make a bit more income than I am making now. Here is to hope.

I am moving into the apartments in January, given everything goes well with the artist’s committee. I will be meeting with them next week. I have no Idea how I am going to make the expenses work. At this point, I am going to put the security deposit on a credit card. I will then be going to ask for a loan to help with the expenses to set everything set up. I hate asking for a loan, but at least I am asking for help which is a big step for me. I have not figured out how I will work out my expenses beyond that in an absolute way, but often when I feel like I am flailing to make thing work and have no choice I figure it out.

Whether I feel like I can or not, here is to the jump…