Lakes: Learning to Overcome Fear

When I was a kid my family went camping… A LOT! My grandfather, who is one of my inspirations to work hard and trust God with my dreams, started a Recreational Vehicle business out here. Camping came with the territory of being his granddaughter! One of the campgrounds we went to had a small lake that campers could swim in, canoe in, or paddle boat in. It’s really not a memorable lake. Not very big, not deep at all, full of seaweed. But, I do have a couple of memories from this lake that I won’t forget. One is that every once in a while the lifeguard would blow is whistle three times in a row and that meant we had to get out of the lake as soon as possible because the snapping turtles were getting close to the swimming area. So. maybe that doesn’t sound very memorable, but I have cerebral palsy–moving quickly; especially in water is not really an option. I hated trying to “run” out of the lake. Another memory I have of this lake is when my mother was trying to teach me not to be afraid of water. My mother had interesting teaching methods, I warn you of this ahead of time.

There I was, a small child, terrified of the lake water. I didn’t like the temperature, I was afraid I was going to get bitten by a snapping turtle, terrified a shark was going to eat me and worst of all I feared I would drown. My mother coaxed me into the lake eventually; promising me she would be right there and that she wouldn’t let go of my hand. I walked with her to the middle of the swimming area, which I now know is the deepest point. Then, against her promise she let go of my hand and told me I better start flapping my arms to keep my head above the water. I frantically flapped my arms.  I started crying and told her I couldn’t do it, that I was going to drown. She put her arm under me and lifted me, so my legs were still in the water, but I was able to look at her in the face. She held me like that until I stopped crying. When I stopped, she said, “I’m right here, you won’t drown.” Then she let me go and dunked my head under the water. Of course, human preservation kicked in, and I flapped my arms to get my head back above the water. When I got my head above the water and took a few deep breaths, she said, “see. I’m still here, and you didn’t drown.” Then, she dunked my head in the water again. Obviously, self-preservation kicked in, I’m still here!



Life: It’s Official!

That lake experience with my mother taught me one of the best survival lessons I have ever learned in my life: sometimes, you may feel completely inept, but sometimes you just have to take that leap and trust that self-preservation will kick in and things will work out. I took that leap yesterday. I met with the artist committee of the apartments I have been trying to get into. They accepted me. Yesterday, I also out down my security deposit, signed my lease and got my keys. I was not expecting any of this to happen this quickly, but it did. I will be moving in the second wekend of January. This, should be intresting, considering I have almost nothing to my name furniture, applience and dish wise. (I guess it will make for an easy move!)

Am I scared? A little. Will I drown? With a little self-preservation and God’s grace…probably not!