Stress Can Make you Freeze or Push you Foward

We all know there are two types of stress. If I remember correctly from 7th-grade health class with Ms. P, good stress is referred to as eustress and bad stress is referred to as distress. There are only a few things I remember from 7th-grade health class (the rest I managed to tune out, thankfully. One was the two types of stress. I remember eustress because “marriage” was at the top of the list for eustress. Even then God was trying to warn me! The second thing is; don’t douche with Mountian Dew; seriously that is what the sex ed teacher told us. I have no idea why that is still stuck in my head. The last thing I remember was Ms. P’s mantra of; “Don’t have a baby until you are physically, emotionally, financially, personally, morally– ready to have a child. I think if half of her students would have remembered that, our county would be more sparsely populated. Just saying.

Right now, I am going through eustress. I am moving into my own apartment tomorrow. I technically could have taken as long as I wanted to move in, but one, the electric is on already and two; why postpone the inevitable? Yes, my Godparents place provides a type of comfort. Bills are easier to meet, I can spend money on frivolous things and I haven’t had to push as hard at my second job. Having this apartment will make me have to be more responsible if I want to remain on my feet. Am I nervous? Oh, hell yes! But, I am not fearful. God has shown me that he is with me in this move and that brings a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Have I figured out how this will all work? Nope. Despite feeling a bit in over my head this is not distress. I am actually happy. This move is pushing me forward not freezing me. This is an amazing feeling.