I never thought I had so much stuff until it was time to move.

It’s official, I’m in my new apartment! Moving was crazy, and I still have a lot to organize, but it feels good to have my own space. I always thought I was a minimalist, and then it came time to move.I thought to myself, maybe I am not such a minimalist after all. One of the gentlemen who helped me move in did tell me that in comparison to most Americans I am a minimalist. Although to me, that doesn’t mean much because a lot of Americans need storage spaces for the stuff they somehow need  but aren’t using. If I ever tell you that I have so much stuff that I need a storage unit, please yell at me to sell, give away or get rid of stuff. I used to have emotional attachments to things, and was so much worse, but; twice I had to move out of places very quickly and could not take much with me. Both those experiences got rid of my emotional attachment to stuff. I learned that it was just stuff, most of which could easily be replaced.

I did realize that I do have a lot of clothes. I think that is because I grew up not having a lot of clothes and got made fun of for not having nice clothes or even enough clothes to have different outfits for each day of the school week. Or I had clothes that didn’t fit me right and so embarrassing things would happen because of that. I don’t go clothes shopping a lot. But, when I do buy clothes they are beautiful and last a while. Oddly, though, I still do wear my shoes until they have holes on the bottom. Don’t ask, can’t figure that out.

I do think that living on my own will force me to accumulate less. I won’t be able to buy frivolously, so less will be accumulated, I hope. My goal in living in this space is to be able to spend more time on my two avocations: Melaleuca and writing. I want to pay off debt, to give myself more freedom in life.