Logo for the Community Action Partnership

This week I went to a couple of training classes for work. The first was on Saturday. This training was badly titled “How to Manage your Finances.” The reason I think it was poorly titled is that I thought the training was going to teach principles of budgeting–that didn’t happen. (I’ll stick with using the EveryDollar budgeting tool you can find here.) Instead of being a “Managing your Money” type of training it was more about what it takes to own your first home. Yeah, surprise, I’m not there yet! Not only do I not want to stay in the state where I currently reside but my income to debt ratio is what you call HORRIBLE! Stupid student loan debt! I am at least nine years away from owning my own home.

Currently, I am working for a non-profit organization so; thankfully I qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. (Click PSLF for more information). I have been paying my loans through this program for a little over a year. A little less than nine years to go. This realization gave me a little more clarity for my future. I am going to stay in public service. I had been preparing myself for public service for a long time; I recently had to change routes. At first, I thought once I had “lost my way;” so to speak that there was no way I could be a public servant anymore. Thankfully, I obtained the job I currently have, and I can still work for organizations with meaningful missions; not just an eye on the bottom line.

I went to a second training on Tuesday of this past week. I had always known that where I worked was a Community Action Program [CAP] (there is a huge Community Action Partnership logo in our boardroom). At the training, I attended, however; I learned that CAP’s exist all over our nation. I love my non-profit. I respect their mission and what they do–but I want to, and I am qualified enough to; work more directly with clients. I have put aside the job search/job application process for this month, and I am sticking to that. I am keeping everything I have learned under deep consideration. When this month is through, which is soon, I will be watching an Ashley Stahl webinar on cold networking and begin my new job search that way.

The concept that CAP’s are nationwide has not only given me clarity on my future, but it has also given me hope. I have hope that I can find a job that will allow me to use my skills and still remain a servant to the marginalized in our society. It also gives me hope that I can move to a more accessible place, a place more accepting of people with disabilities.