What are my Goals? My Time and my Priorities? 

To say the least, I have been discouraged and frustrated with what I have and have not accomplished lately. I have goals. They are SMART goals. Why haven’t I been reaching them? Do I have hang ups from my past that have gotten the way; hell yes. I am terrified of failing. It has been drilled into my brain from family members, teachers, people who have no right offering their “two cents,” and even the systems in our society that I was born to fail, born to never be good enough, born to remain on the sidelines. I have been working hard for years to deal with these lies and sideline them as they have so powerfully sidelined me. But, even as I am fighting through these issues I realized there have been a few things in my life that require re-arrangement.

I started using an app on my phone called Coach.me. It helps you establish goals and gives you daily, weekly or incremental check-ins to help you reach the goals that are important to you. Right now, I have the following goals on my list:

  1. Daily Devotional
  2. Develop a Writing Habit
  3. Excercise
  4. The Calorie Counting Diet
  5. Create a Daily Routine for Building your Business
  6. Get to Work Early (If you are early, you are on time, if you are on time; you are late.)
  7. Get out of bed the First Time the Alarm goes off
  8. Weigh in

In the section about developing a daily routine for building your business, it was suggested that we read sections from Manage your Day to Day byJocelyn K. Glei. I found numerous things very helpful. There were two things. However, that really clicked with me;

One, I have a limited supply of energy, more limited then someone else who is my age because of my disability and the medications I have to take to function. (Although, a shout-out of gratitude: two of my medications have recently been lowered a bit! Yay Melaleuca!) This means that I may want to push myself to accomplish things, but my body often wins and I have no choice. I know what happens when I push my body beyond limits. On the low end I get migraines at the high end I end up in the hospital. When I first read this I got discouraged; but then lesson two came in.

Two, there are times in the day when my energy level is optimal. For me, this has been the early morning hours. By four in the afternoon, I’m done. my brain is still functional but it is not optimal. From now on, while still remaining professional and doing my projects for my job I will be putting the things that matter to me first.

Starting today, devotional time, writing and Melaleuca come first. I will still be doing my exercise but, instead of getting up at 4:30AM to do that, like I have been, I will be doing it around 7:00PM. That will give me time to get home from work, work on some business building activities that need to happen in the evening (meeting with clients, checking in with my mentor) before heading to the gym. By 7:00PM the gym has quited down from the “after work rush.”