Um, Duh…

Today I began my official schedule flip. I still woke up at 4:30 AM (I’m an early riser.) Instead of going to the gym, however, I started my day off with devotional time, followed by doing some work for Melaleuca. I only got to reach out to one potential shopper during that time. But, one shopper is one more shopper than I have reached out to since I signed up (pretty much). My goal is to be able to reach out to at least two more potential shoppers before the day is over. Five more would be sweet, but would probably be pushing my limits. I will still go to the gym tonight around 7 PM. I need to continue to take care of my body, so my spasticity doesn’t get worse, and I can keep having decent functioning levels.

I have to admit, this kick to action didn’t come from my own foot, it actually didn’t come from a foot at all. It came from jealousy (the good kind). I have a friend (a friend who is a boy and my boyfriend…) who decided about two weeks ago that he was really going to start launching his web design business. Within a short time, he started obtaining clients and building his portfolio. He has purposely set aside time in his day to get his web design work done. I couldn’t believe how quickly he went from a desire (dream) to a working reality. After we had talked and he told me how excited he was about his work and his “why” for doing his work; I decided I had to move myself into action. I needed to fight through my fears and just reach out to people and enroll people.

Here is to a flipped schedule, being spurred on, and action creating results!