Social Media Icons

My family was recently gathered together to celebrate my Grandma Marge’s life. I was thankful for the time I got to spend with them. Eddie got upset at me for taking an Uber to the Hospital to visit, s0… the next time I came I rode my trike. Of course, I knew he meant that I should have called someone for a ride but, surprise! I’m stubbornly independent! My cousin Tammy was there as well. One of the things we share is our faith in Christ. We each live it out very differently but; it’s a connection that is hard to break. She is also a consultant for a direct to customer company (Young Living). She does so well. And their product line is much smaller than Melaleuca. I became so jealous. I was a little too sarcastic, and borderline mockery when she was telling my cousin Amy how she makes her business work. I’m not sure why I did that, exactly. Sometimes, I think I like to test people, and I put up some of my old walls and habits just to see if they will find me worth breaking through the junk. I don’t know why I tested Tammy, but I did, she survived, and she is still communicating with me!

Tammy was teaching my cousin Amy how she makes her business work, and I was standing by, messing with Tammy, and taking in as many details as I could. She spoke about how she used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to grow her business. I want to learn more! I created a Twitter account but haven’t really learned the art of it yet. I created a Facebook page but need to start actively using it/ After I get those two things stated I will add Instagram to the mix. I will make this work for me one way or the other!

Dream Board Example

Tammy also suggested I make a dream board. If she had been the first to mention it, I would have thought she was crazy. But she is the third or fourth person to TELL ME TO DO IT! All, for their own reasons, but still, four people. Alright! I even got free posterboard to do it on from our “free stuff” pile at my apartment. God gift. I have difficulty with my hands so, I’m sure it won’t be aesthetically pleasing, but it will serve its purpose. I’ll take a picture of my own when I am done. Promise.

Oh, and I finally gathered all of my tax documents and filed my taxes yesterday. I’m still poor enough that I am getting a refund. Running joke in the disability community is that we are the only group of Americans that beg to pay taxes. Paying Taxes means that we actually are making a sustainable income.