The Weaver by Corrie Ten Boom

One of the women from the Women’s Bible Study that I attend on Saturday shared this poem with me. It immediately brought to mind two things. One, my birth-mother used to embroider, especially after she got sick and did not have energy for much. I remember seeing the underside of her embroidery projects and wondering how on one side things could look so tangled and messy; yet on the other was a beautiful picture.

The other thing this poem brought to mind was how I seem to personally stay focused on the “darker” ” threads of sorrow.” I don’t mean too, but it is almost as if sorrow and pain are what draws people in to hear what you have to say. It’s almost like people need to understand why the darker threads are there before they care to know that the gold and silver threads are there as well. To get people to hear me and to know that there is hope for their situations I have often displayed my failures and pain in detail. Often times, not realizing how this leads people to see and define me. I really didn’t think about this much until I recently listened to a course on “Branding and Social Media.”

The course was speaking about how to brand your business on Social Media (I intend to use these skills to build my Melaleuca business). As I was listening, however, I realized that I am not only branding my business on Social Media but I am branding myself every day. I brand myself in every interaction I have, every reaction I have, every word I say and every story I tell. Not only do I want people to see me as a business professional through my Social Media presence but, I want people to see who I am.

I am a woman who believes and trusts her God 

I am capable and strong 

I am beautiful and loved 

I am intelligent and skillful 

I am a leader and mentor 

I am successful and leaving a loving legacy  

I am defined by my savior and redeemer who takes every dark thread and gives it meaning