Salem Sunrise
“Sunrise Easter Service” Photo Credit: Nick Holtzham


I fell off the grid again for a while. Totally unintentional. I went away the first week in April to Boston, MA. On my way there I was nervous, excited, considering exit strategies; all rolled together. I am happy to report that an exit strategy was not necessary and beyond that, I am trying to figure out an entrance strategy.  I realize I have to fill in some blanks or I am going to have some confused readers.

Blank 1: Exit Strategies?

Why you may wonder, would I be considering exit strategies for a vacation? I was headed up to Boston to meet a person I had met online for the first time. Let’s just say, to keep it simple, meeting people online has not worked out well for me. I have been Skyping with this person for months, and my gut told me I was safe, but at times I don’t trust my gut.

I am so glad I went. No exit strategies necessary! The young man I was going to meet turned out to be absolutely amazing. We had a great time going to places throughout the Boston Metro area. I found myself connecting with him on a level I thought I would never allow/or be able to connect with someone again. A complete gift. Now, before my friends and family freak out, we are both planning to take things really, S-L-O-W! We both have our own reasons, but the pace will be S-L-O-W! Did I mention, S-L-O-W?! Hopefully, in keeping things slow, we will continue to build an honorable relationship. Learning about each other, letting our friends and families examine us, letting God shape His purposes for us.

Blank 2: Entrance Strategies?

Again please don’t freak out. I know I just moved to the apartment I am in, so the idea that I want to leave already may seem crazy. Perhaps it is. But, there were three major things I discovered about Boston: Disability Community, Job Opportunities, and good public transit. I always wrote Boston off because of its cold weather. But, I learned my body hates me just as much here weather-wise as it did up there. There was really only a 5-9 degree weather difference between Boston and where I am now. I figured, it can’t hurt to apply for jobs there, what is one more possibility to change my employment circumstances?

So, I am trying to be hopeful and filled with the expectancy that maybe this is the path I am supposed to take. At the same time, I am trying to surrender to God. Trying so hard not to “white-knuckle” this possibility; in case God has other plans. This is a very hard balance to maintain.