Never hold anything tighter
How True, Yet How Hard!

To give credit where credit is due, a lot of the information that provoked this post and a sense of peace came from a recent Sermon from Elevation Church called Round Trip Ressurection. If Charisma, excitement, and sometimes loud volumes during a sermon don’t scare you. I encourage you to check it out. These elements used to scare me, and I don’t attend a church anything like Elevation, but I am at least experiencing more freedom to at least hear sermons like this. The only reason I put out the warning is so that I do not lead you to something that although was a major blessing to me may be a stumbling block for you.

I am going to start this post with a couple quotes from the sermon, and then I will get into some of my thoughts. Thoughts that I hope are being directed by God.

“When the Bible says Judas handed Jesus over, παραδίνω, and the Sanhedrin handed Jesus over to Pilate and Pilate hadeded Jesus over to Herod and Herod handed Jesus over to be crucified [It was all παραδίνω]. When Jesus got ready to die; guess what He did with His Spririt? παραδίνω! He handed it over! What I am trying to say is no one took it! He handed it over!


“It might have looked like Judas’s hand. It might have looked like Pialte’s hand. It might have looked like Herod’s hand, but; the hand on the hand that write’s the story of your life is God’s hand. Hand it over!

The Pastor then ends the sermon asking people to hand over their fears, their concerns their lives because, in essence, it’s all in God’s hand anyway. I was then further convicted by my devotional reading by Proverbs 31’sFirst Five” morning devotional. The devotional spoke about Abner and how he sought in every way he could to advance himself in his selfish ambitions. The devotional then spoke about the difference between selfish ambition vs. Godly ambition. It made me wonder if my own ambitions are in check. I can tell you, that there was a time I thought I was entitled to succeed and I pushed God aside to try and accomplish that. As you can imagine, that blew up in my face, and God made it so that I had no choice but to start from rock bottom.

My hope at this point is that I am holding on to nothing tighter then I hold on to God, that I am παραδίνω, handing things over to Him for complete control; not just for a time, but for my entire existence. May I never look at my gifts as entitlements but as tools to be used for His glory. For His glory in my job, my family, my relationships, my choices, my movements, everything.