I am Done Taking in the Statistics,

I have been at this dream of mine to be in the HR field for years. For a while, I was blaming my failure to break into the HR field on outside factors. Factors, such as the mistake I made two years ago, workplace statistics for people with disabilities, the location where I live, and a number of factors I can’t control. I realized that is a waste of time. If my lack of success is because of things I can’t control then I lack hope. If I can’t control them then there is nothing for me to do but give up. I will be honest, some nights the temptation to give up crosses my mind. But, thankfully, it tends to be fleeting and within a day or two I am back in the ring ready to fight.

I know the job market is hard for everyone right now, I don’t expect things to be different for me. I also have learned that for some reason, breaking into the HR field in particular is difficult. These factors, along with some of the realistic outside factors that truly are blockading me from achieving my goal I have wondered what to do. I’ve been applying like crazy and I have had most of my applications fall into deep space. Rejection has become to common of a friend.

So, here is what I have decided to do–forge my own path. Right now, I am going to work as hard as I can at my current job coming in every day and putting in the best work ethic I have in me. I am going to continue to apply for jobs, realizing that most of my applications will fall into deep space. I e-mail and message key figures in my world. I am also starting a meet-up group for people who want to Sign in my area. I will get certified in ASL by the end of next year. I have the HR degrees, skills and experiences but now I need something that sets me apart. Plus, I love ASL and I love the disability and deaf community. Right now, the disability community is the community being most overlooked by our society, government and religious organizations. This is the time for us to band together, espscially if we want top survive.