I Have Met Incredible 

Things are looking up on the job search. Things haven’t really changed all that much but somehow things seem a bit more hopeful; like a possibility will open up soon–or I will create one soon. This change in perspective as to do with a number of factors but there is one, in particular, I want to highlight today. This factor is not a thing but a person. It is my boyfriend–a man who I have come to love over the last year–that I would like to highlight today. I am choosing to write about him today for two reasons; one. it is his birthday today and, two, the work he has accomplished in these last two weeks alone have shown me what it means to plow through, make your own path and succeed.

First, I am not holding him up as “inspiration porn.” I would never do that. Things like that disgust me. Yes, my boyfriend, like myself, has a disability but that isn’t what makes his accomplishments great. Yes, his disability has affected his life and I have seen it cause blockades for him in the workforce. I have watched him get discouraged. I have watched him fight like hell, I have watched him get exasperated. But among all of those things, I have watched him keep his passion and create his own way. That is what makes him incredible to me. He may have wanted to give up. But he never did. Now, today, he is doing what he loves, doing what he is passionate about.

Getting to watch him over the last eight to nine months struggle from a bad job to a start-up, to a job search, to where he is now; gives me the strength to keep going. Watching him has shown me that if I am passionate about what I want there is no reason for me not to create my own way– no reason for me to not to be successful– no reason for me not to be an inspiration to others. NO REASON FOR ME NOT TO BE INCREDIBLE!