My name is Krystan. I am part of the “Instant Generation.” When I say “Instant Generation” here is what I mean:

  1. We think we are entitled
  2. We think, as long as we follow laid out steps and plans, it all works out
  3. We are willing to go into thousands of dollars of debt to get degrees because we were sold the idea that a degree guarantees a higher paying job
  4. We think things happen immediately and don’t have the patience to see things through the long haul  (Think “America’s Got Talent,” Lottery, etc.)
  5. When we realize that none of the above are true, we feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath us, we fall on our face.
  6. After we fall on our face, either because of embarrassment or discouragement it takes so long to get up, decide to fight through the long haul, and take the DAILY steps it takes to move from survival–Survival meaning–living with family and barely paying bills, feeling like you are mooching–to success

Here is another fact for you. I am still in survival mode. I live with family, barely pay my bills and have racked up thousands and thousands of dollars of student loan debt. So, do I have it figured out? Nope. I will be figuring it out along the way.

All I can promise you is a day by day look into what the “long haul” looks like for me. I can’t promise you that in a year or even a few years that I will have hit success and, therefore, you should follow my steps. I am not providing a step by step guide, there are enough of those out there; I’ve read about 10 since I graduated with my second Master’s degree last year. What I am promising is a glimpse into my journey to break out of the mold that our consumerist, self-esteem oriented, “instant society had managed to put me in. Along the way, I want to offer hope, encouragement and even laughter.

I have had the rug of false hope pulled out from underneath me, I hit the floor of reality really hard. But, my mother always taught me to get up no matter how many times I fell so now I am up. Everyone’s definition of success is different. You can read about my personal definition on my “Current Goals” page. No matter what your definition of success is, I hope you will join me on my journey.